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My Occupy Wall Street Photos are now in the collections of
the New York Historical Society, the Museum of the City of New York and the Smithsonian: National Museum of American History.

"If you want to see the invisable, carefully observe the visible" - The Talmud

Recommeded - Wayne Miller paintings

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NYC in Diptychs

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NYC in Diptychs

Art Site Gallery Show 2014

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Art Site Gallery Show 2014

OK Harris Show 2008

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OK Harris Show 2008


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New Yorkers

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New Yorkers

The writing on the wall

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The writing on the wall

NY Cityscapes

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NY Cityscapes

Spain 2009

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Spain 2009

Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua, Guatemala

i am the 99

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Magoos Bar circa 1980

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Magoos Bar circa 1980

Guestbook for Ken Nadle
Rob Pollock(non-registered)
Hey Ken, how are you. Came to the site because it's the only way I could think of to get a hold of you. None of the old numbers work anymore. Pictures look great - hope you are well - email address is below it would be great to hear from you.
Peter Resnik(non-registered)
You have outdone yourself with your new book of images. You have an incredible eye for catching coincidences, irony and humor in life. What a great cover shot for "PRIMA FACIE," the image has beautiful balance, symmetry and grace - while the viewer, (me in this case), is fantasizing on the mystery of this woman's ass she appears to be carrying her own fantasy in the bag she is holding.

Book is filled with museum quality images. Hopefully you will receive the notoriety and success you deserve while you are still here among us. Bravo Ken!
Looking your streetshots with great interest, hoping that some day my shoots will be in public.
Philip Chaipis, MD, FACS(non-registered)
Thanks for the Magoo's pictures... Lots of memories for me.
Just saw you around the corner and before I hit the street again to go to B'lyn, checked out your new photos.....Shit, Ken they are amazing and mesmerizing. With whatever you're able to put your lens to, you always seem to add a certain sensuality to the image..... I mean we can endlessly discuss Cartier Bresson, but you got the same eye!!!! Talk to you later.
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